Meet The Team

Meet The Team

About Dynamic Money

About Dynamic Money

Our 4 Meeting Process

Our 4 Meeting Process


get to know our team.

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Cliff has spent almost ten years in the financial service industry and wouldn't leave this field for anything... outside of becoming a professional CrossFit junkie.

Cliff before anything else is a loving husband and father. With two young kids he finds his nights and weekends are filled with stories, adventures, and endless laughs/exhaustion.

Cliff's favorite podcast is Hardcore History.

Be sure to ask Cliff about:
  • Souping up cars to roar.
  • His family's traditions for almost every holiday.
  • The most hilarious story he has recently heard.
Edy is wildly gifted at creating a space where everyone feels comfortable, valued, and empowered. With an entrepreneurial background herself, Edy was the Founder and President of a successful firm for 14 years before joining the Passion City Church team as the Director of Children’s Ministry under the leadership of Louie Giglio.

She now leads Dynamic Money’s operational efforts to nurture our relationships with our clients as they progress on their personal plans to reach their dreams.

Odds are you may end up hugging Edy by the end of one of your first four meetings. It’s actually more than okay, it’s normal and we promise the feeling is mutual. No one has a heart for our clients and their daily lives more than she does.

Also Be Sure To Ask Edy About:
  • Her love for her family of seven and what all her children are up to!
  • The best meal she’s cooked recently (on AND off of Whole30).
  • The financial decision she wish she would have made sooner (spoiler alert: It’s saving more money.)

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Someone once challenged Chris and said conversations about money can never be exciting or fun. He is bent to prove them wrong and delivers a weekly radio show to benefit people's daily lives with financial insight based on today's news.

As a former youth pastor, Chris frequently heard young people’s stories and dreams. In his early career while working for a financial services company, Chris saw first-hand that traditional planning wasn't going to work anymore. He couldn't allow people to buy insurance or a 401(k) and believe it would bring them all of their dreams like Luke Skywalker using the force (He is a serious nerd).

Today Chris is a loving husband to his wife, work out partner and father to his two boys, and a prince charming to his beautiful, Disney-loving princess little girl.

Be sure to ask Chris about:
  • His opinions on Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd.
  • His favorite vacation destination.
  • The latest hilarious occurrence in his life.
Enneagram 3 to his core with a healthy taste of the wing 2, Alan drives the Dynamic Money brand and probably all things that involve #hashtags. He loves thinking about how to make what Dynamic Money offers wildly clear so that as many people as possible can make progress towards their dreams with a financial plan.

While he is ready and willing to break down any ad campaign, copy writing technique, or color theory. Alan is most deeply moved by his love for his family, but never to the point of tears (not true at all, but it’s a nice effort to try and maintain a tough guy image.)

The worst day in Alan’s world is full of home projects that all go wrong -- and if he is involved the chances are they won’t end well.

Be sure to ask Alan about:
  • The funniest thing happening on the internet right now.
  • His bold Auburn football predictions.
  • What would make for good weekend plans -- we promise, he’ll have suggestions.
Lindsay loves to investigate the world and the layers of what makes it so interesting. She is constantly making unordinary observations about seemingly ordinary moments that add meaning and delight to those around her.

A lover of traveling, she can share stories of the world with you in multiple languages. Lindsay is also the best source on the team to talk the language of college football! She is a big Dawgs fan and her family may disown her if she were to wear any colors other than red and black on a Fall saturday.

Fun fact: Lindsay is secretly always listening to what people say and taking quiet mental notes of what motivates, inspires, and excites them. Then she stores them on her phone and is a gifting ninja who has a talent in encouraging and making those close to her feel valued in meaningful ways.

She is someone clients love to get to know more and is constantly thinking about how to make clients feel safe, valued, and welcomed as she walks with them on their financial journey to reach their goals.

Also Be Sure To Ask Lindsay About:
  • The unexpected way she handles Atlanta traffic.
  • Her passion for Young Life ministry
  • How Petland was her dream job, but now she is in financial planning.
Kate is equal parts charm and wild adventurer who dreams big and is always kind.

She is many clients first interaction and undoubtedly their favorite as she not only loves getting clients engaged with Dynamic Money, but she is completely exceptional.

Kate can take life too seriously sometimes, so don't be afraid to be sarcastic to shake her up a little bit.

Be sure to ask Kate about:
  • Her dream hunting experience.
  • Her adventures with Bullet the dog.
  • And her loving family.





OUr Mission

Dynamic Money exists to equip those who desire to identify and reach their dreams through affordable fee-based planning.


Our strategy

We focus on building a strong foundation, assessing your risk tolerance, setting clear goals, and monitoring your progress along the way.

Our strategy works and is highly relational. It’s not a fit for everyone, but we believe money is highly personal and planning should be too.


our commitment to giving back

Promise686 is committed to placing foster and vulnerable children into loving homes - locally and nationally.

To aid in its success, 10% of every client planning fee is donated to Promise686. And multiple times a year we run, eat, and (possibly) dance in the name of fundraising.


our promise to you

When you partner with Dynamic Money we promise to be more than a transaction, but a resource, a tool; and a key to your life’s greatest adventures.

We promise our full integrity and our best in every meeting.


unlock incredible peace in your life with a plan to reach your dreams.


Dynamic Money's Four Meeting Process

We have developed a process to cover all aspects of your financial DNA and create a comprehensive and highly-personalized plan to see your dreams realized.


introductory meeting

We invite all clients to get to know our team and determine if we’re a good fit (because it’s always a two-way street.)

During this initial introductory time together, Dynamic Money will explain our role as your financial planner, some of the hidden parts of our industry, and how we are compensated.


meeting 1 - investments, client portal, and budgeting

In this first meeting, we will review your current investments and offer our philosophy and management.

The Dynamic Money team will introduce you to your personalized client portal. Consider your secured online portal an electronic hub for your financial portfolio. This digital software has incredible budgeting functionality for day-to-day life and projection tools to look ahead with confidence.


meeting 2 - Insurance and income planning

Insurance plays a vital role in planning, and not just your life insurance, but also your homeowners, auto and disability policies. We’ll dig into all of the details to make a plan that works in concert.

The Dynamic Money team will begin the initial income planning for your future to project your income, address debt and build a flexible plan to position you for retirement success.


meeting 3 - taXes and Estate Planning

In this time together, your will (if you have one) and tax returns will be reviewed in-depth. We will evaluate your withholdings, employment structure, deductions, distributions and answer all your questions.

While we’re at it, we’ll review your estate planning and simplify the forecasting of your future.


meeting 4 - final income planning and Full wrap up

We’ll utilize the time in this session to answer any lingering questions and make absolutely sure you’re confident in your plan for life and retirement.

We will also address all of life's what-ifs and devise a response strategy.

Lastly, we will schedule all Dynamic Money follow-up meetings because now that we’re friends, we want to stay in touch and hear all about your progress.

A plan can be simple yet still have a significant impact on your life. We give attention to every detail to cover everything.

We create personal financial plans
built for life.