10 *Cheap* Atlanta Summer Events Our Team DOESN'T Want To Miss


Sometimes it’s tempting to go all out on a summer vacation even when you haven’t saved for one, because we all just need a break sometimes. Here are ten summer events happening right here in Atlanta that you don’t want to miss, and also won’t break the bank!



Post Updated: Monday, June 17th to highlight new events still to happen in our city.

Sweet, sweet summertime.

For some of you, summer means juggling work with finding ways to entertain your kids who are out of school for the season. For others, it means just needing a break to relax and do something fun. Or maybe you’re like me and you find yourself in both categories. #DADLIFE

It can be tempting to go all out on a summer vacation that you know you can’t afford, but lucky for you there are lots of fun summer events going on right in your own backyard!

We’ve compiled a list of ten events happening in and around Atlanta this summer that range from $0-$45, and there’s something for everyone. Let the summer festivities commence!

  1. The Skimm Night Out

    When: June 26th 7:30 pm

    The founders of theSkimm are coming to The Buckhead Theatre for a fun night out, full of empowering conversation, networking, cheersing, and more to celebrate their new book, How to Skimm Your Life. theSkimm Night Out featuring special guest moderator Sara Blakely.

    If you don’t know what theSkimm is, ask your wife in front of her closest girlfriends and watch them talk about it endlessly. TheSkimm began as an email newsletter in 2012 and slowly took over the world.

  2. Atlanta Balloon Glow

    When: Aug 1 at 5 PM – Aug 4 at 9 PM

    Piedmont Park is hosting such a cool night that will be something your children will talk about forever! The park will be filled with hot air balloons that will glow each evening at dusk, with tethered hot air balloon rides available!

    The night will offer all your favorite food trucks, retail vendors and activities for the whole family. And your Instagram fam, will love it.

  3. Plywood People’s “Neighbors old & New” Conversation

    We love our city, but it is absolutely changing and this event is meant to challenge you as a panel discussion opens up the topic of gentrification and neighborhood change.

    Join Village Microfund and Plywood People for an evening time conversation on social entrepreneurship in the midst of neighborhood changes, and an empowering conversation about how you and our organizations want to jump headfirst into the tensions and topics that matter to social entrepreneurs. Sound interesting? We thought so, too.

  4. Butterfly encounter at the chattahoochee nature center

    When: open daily june 3rd-july 31st

    The Chattahoochee Nature Center is a great place to take the kids to get outside and enjoy the beautiful nature around the city!

    This summer, the nature center is featuring a special exhibit where you can encounter hundreds of native butterflies in their habitat surrounded by bright, colorful flowering plants. You can also learn about nectar plants and how to grow your own butterfly garden, so the butterfly fun doesn’t stop when you go home!

  5. Chattahoochee Nature Center Camp Out!

    When: friday june 21st-Saturday june 22nd

    Speaking of the Chattahoochee Nature Center, Cliff (one of our team’s financial planner’s) and his family have made it a tradition to attend their family camp out!

    There may still be room for you to join twenty-something other families as they set up tent, go on a night hike, bring animals out and make unforgettable memories under the stars.

  6. little rey

    WHEN: open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner

    Okay so not really an event, but there’s a great new restaurant in the city. Famed restaurateur Ford Fry opened a new spot in Piedmont Heights this May.

    We’ve heard numerous clients tell us AMAZING THINGS!

    The best part is that, whether you’re a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner person, there’s something for you! The flavors will take your tastebuds south of the border while the Instagram blogger-worthy interior design will make you start to rethink your own home decor. Little Rey is the perfect spot for a Friday night date night or Saturday brunch!

  7. 9th annual atlanta ice cream festival

    WHen: saturday july 27th

    This is probably the event I’m most looking forward to. #Fitness #FitnessIceCreamInMyMouth

    The Atlanta Ice Cream Festival will be held in Piedmont Park this year and, well, there’s going to be lots and lots and lots of ice cream…need I say more?

  8. 7th annual cdr soapbox derby

    When: saturday august 3rd

    Cool Dads Rock is a 501 (c)(3) that aims to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships between fathers and their children. They put on events and volunteer opportunities where dads and their children can bond and grow while learning or helping others in need.

    This summer, they are putting on a soapbox derby where dads and their kids will build their own vehicle and participate in a big racing event. Yes, it’s time to finally get the childhood experience you longed for after watching the 1994 movie The Little Rascals.

  9. piedmont park arts festival

    WHEN: august 17th-18th 11am-5pm

    This is regarded as one of the top art festivals in the nation! So, even if you don’t often plan to pop into any arts festivals make an effort to be at this one.

    All ages are welcome to this two-day event that showcases over 200 artists of all kinds. There will be food, music, shows, and lots of family fun.

    Spend the weekend supporting your local art community, eating good food, and hopefully leaving with some Atlanta-made goodies.

  10. grant park summer shade festival

    when: august 24th-25th

    The Grant Park Summer Shade Festival is put on by and benefits the Grant Park Conservancy. The festival features live music as well as artist booths and local food trucks. And if all that’s not enough, there’s also a 5k run, special events for kids, and craft beer, cider, and cocktails — a perfect way to close out the summer.


There you have it, now your summer calendar is chock-full of activities that won’t break the bank! Did I miss anything? Yes, but there are so many great things happening.

What is the one event you are looking forward to this summer?

List Previously Featured:

WHEN: saturday june 15th 7:30pm-10pm

This is the city’s 4th annual lantern parade. The folks of Sandy Springs spend the week prior creating unique lanterns that they parade to the river, but don’t worry, you don’t have to make your own lantern to be part of the fun.

The attendees will gather at Steel Canyon Golf Club and parade together as the sun sets, showing off the unique lantern displays. The parade ends at the river where there will be lanterns on the water for a beautiful light show!

WHEN: saturday june 15th 4pm-8pm

Even though it’s beer and our team really prefers whiskey — maybe you like beer more than us and need a chance to relax and do something fun. Well, here ya go!

Grab your best pals and come sample beer from breweries all across the country as well as from the ones located right here in the city. Atlanta has some of the best beer!

They’ve sold out for the last six years, so make sure to grab your tickets online before you go!

  • 10th annual georgia dachshund race

    WHEN: saturday june 15th 9am-3pm

    Are you a dog lover? Our entire team LOVES dogs - passionately.

    Well, believe it or not, what I’m about to tell you is a real thing… These little furry friends are racing, not for profit, but to benefit the Little Paws Dachshund Rescue. The event features several races, contests, food, and family fun. Even your four-legged friend is welcome to come watch!

    Seriously, what could be better than playing with dogs for an afternoon?


As a parent you are only given so many summers with your kids. Friends, go make memories together.

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