4 Practical Tips for Picking the BEST Realtor


Picking a realtor is not a decision that should be made lightly. You shouldn’t hire your friend or family to sell your home just because they are your friend or family, you need to hire someone based off of their skill and how good they are at their job!



Let’s talk about realtors!

Look, I get it, your high school buddy or your second cousin is a realtor and they know you want to sell your house. It seems like an easy decision to hire them.

Friends, if you read nothing else on this page, please read this:

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pick a realtor based off of friendship or relationship.

Your cousin Molly may be a great realtor, I don’t know, but you need to hire someone based off of their skill and the experiences of past clients. This should really be a staple across most jobs when you’re expecting a great results finance, haircuts, and really any industry, BUT especially when finding a home!

Your home is one of your biggest assets and you need someone who’s going to make selling it a smooth and easy process for you.

practical tips for picking the best realtor

  1. Look at how you made the last major life decision in your life and mirror that

    Approach picking a realtor like you would treat any other major decision. You don’t bring in your friend to do a renovation on your house unless you know they are really good at renovating. Friendship should not be a part of the equation here.

    And definitely not the deciding factor for such an important life change.

  2. See what all the options are.

    Talk to multiple realtors before hiring one and be discerning. We always say to go out and get three quotes before picking a contractor — the same thing applies here. You need to see multiple options to be informed, that little bit of extra work could (and typically does) really pay off.

    It also gives you confidence and reason in your decision making.

  3. Ask your potential realtor some tough questions

    Listen friends, realtors are making a ton of money off of you, so they better work for it!

    You hire them to market your home effectively and their job is to make this process easy for you. Ask them the hard questions! What is the commission and what are you doing to earn it? What can I expect from you? Will you be there at showings or just leave the key at the door and never be there? How easy is it to move out of the contract? Why should I work with you over other realtors?

    Interview them for the job to work with you.

  4. Ask for recommendations from previous clients

    It’s not enough to just like the person, but you need to hear what they’ve actually done. You need to know the experiences of the people whose houses they’ve sold.

    Chances are their previous clients at least have good advice or things they “wish they would have known” before working with the realtor. Wouldn’t you want to know ahead of time?

Selling your home impacts your finances, it’s a part of your personal financial planning!

I’ve seen so many people get taken advantage of by realtors. And even though these four tips may create some awkward conversations it could be beneficial for your long-term goals and financial health.

In financial planning, we look at your taxes, your estate planning, all the insurances you could possibly need, your investments, and your income planning because all of those things make up your financial world.

If you want to make tangible progress towards your future, you can’t just focus on how much you put into your 401k last year or ensuring you get to work with all of your closest friends. It’s about how ALL of your financial world is tied together to get you where you want to go.

With your home being one of your most important assets, realtors are a critical part of that.

Give us a shout, we’d love to share some of our recommendations (REALLY)! Your realtor should be more than just a friendly person that you know from school or family. They should be someone who’s going to get the job done AND make it easy for you.


Where is your favorite spot in your home? What makes it so lovely?

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