Amazing Apps the Dynamic Money Team Loves for Finances & Life


Apps, apps, apps — there’s one for everything! Get to know our team a little better by learning what our favorite and most used apps are. We also have some recommendations for finance apps because, well, we are a financial company after all.


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Remember when the only apps we had were:

1) A lighter that could flick on and off and…
2) A glass of beer that moved as the screen moved in your hand. #CoolTrickMan

Life was so simple with only our first iPhones…. Now, the iPhone 11 was just announced and our ordinary life is going to look like an HD movie trailer on its new camera(s)!

first off, some cool apps for budgeting, investing, and really just money in general

1 - joy

Make room in the budget for what makes you happy! This is something most of us miss when we’re budgeting and setting up parameters around our finances. If starting your Friday morning by picking up a vanilla latte on the way to work brings you joy, then maybe make room for that once-a-week treat.

Every time you make a purchase, you’ll be asked to rate it as a happy or a sad spend, and the goal is to change your mindset about spending by connecting it with your mood.

We love this idea because it’s all about remembering that your life is MORE than money. And that life is something to be enjoyed without the constant budgeting stress!

*Joy is currently only available for iOS.


We heard about this app from EVERYONE on an Instagram story after we mentioned a story on our favorite apps was coming… and we see why.

IBOTTA is basically a savings hack that takes little time and immediately pays off. Before you shop (online and in-store) you use IBOTTA to add offers on your phone. After you shop, upload a picture of your receipt that matches the deals and BOOM cash back. It’s able to link with loyalty cards, give you access to endless coupons, and help you get money back on things you were already going to buy. Why not save?

It looks really simple, and like an app that you can’t find much reason not to, if you have 5 minutes before you shop.

3 - acorns

This is a great way to get started in investing. For $1, $2, or $3 a month, Acorns will automatically invest your spare change and get your investment portfolio started. This is a fun way to play the market or an introduction into its principles for those of you who don’t know a whole lot about investing and want to get started - Acrons does it all for you.

They also offer resources on the app where you can learn about investing in simple, easy-to-understand language. Love how simple the make it.

4 - survey junkie

If you’re tired of reading Chris’ tweets about life and it’s musings, go make a dollar using Survey Junkie.

There are so many apps and websites out there that claim to be money-makers and it’s hard to know which ones are real and which are going to scam you. We like Survey Junkie!

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash and rewards, this is it. You’ll take surveys to help large companies who are testing new products and improving current ones and need consumer feedback. This is something you can do on your lunch break, sitting on the couch at night, or waiting in line at the bank.

Other notable mentions of finance apps worth checking out: Mint, YNAB, Robinhood, and Albert. Tell us the ones we missed and we’ll add them and credit you for the suggestion.


What’s ‘APPENING on OUR TEAM’s' phones? HERE ARE THE Apps we RECOMMEND & can’t stop using

Let’s be real… Apps today can reveal who we are on another level. Going into our phone is like an inside look into their soul. : )

Go ahead and clear some space on your phone… here is what are team is pulling up.

While these aren’t all undiscovered apps there are some great finds, and your phone is only as good as the apps on it. Happy downloading.


chris’ Must Have App RECOMMENDATIONS

Bb_Dynamic Money-8234.jpg

1 - flixster

Calling all movie nerds! Read the reviews, check showtimes, buy tickets, and watch trailers for upcoming movies all in one spot.

Skeptical about the new live-action Lion King? Read about it on here first to find out that IT’S AMAZING. Chris’ love for Disney, Marvel, and a good movie is unrivaled and this is essential to his phone’s function.

2 - twitter

Well, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise. You can follow Chris at @CWBurns to learn all sorts of tidbits about finances, life with a four-year-old and two teens, and his affinity for #kozyshack pudding. (Sponsorship still pending…)

3 - venmo

Venmo has changed the game when it comes to transferring $$$. Simply connect to your bank account in the app and it easily allows you to send and receive money.

Need to pay your babysitter? Split the check with your friends but don’t want to be a hassle to the waiter? Send some surprise happy cash to someone you love? The options are endless.



1 - quip

Bb_Dynamic Money-8415.jpg

This is for all you team players out there. If you’ve got teens with smartphones, this is a great way to add and keep track of family chores or grocery lists.

Quip is also great for coworkers to share documents, tasks, and checklists to make teamwork more efficient. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

2 - southern savers

Speaking of grocery lists… Southern Savers is like digitally cutting coupons. Before you head out to get groceries, you can see who has the sales and deals that work for what you need.

No fussing. Just simple savings. If you were ever motivated enough to cut out coupons in the first place (hi, not me), a simple scroll before you go into any grocery store is all it takes to save some coin! Worth the download.

3 - calendly

Keep track of meetings and appointments in one place, so you’re never double-booked. Calendly allows you to send a link to your calendar to clients where they can set up a meeting within your available time windows. No more emailing back and forth trying to find a time that works! That’s a win.

*Calendly is currently only available for iOS, so…sorry all you Android folks.

cliff’s Must Have App RECOMMENDATIONS

1 - Dark sky

Bb_Dynamic Money-8085.jpg

Dark Sky calls themselves, “the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information.”

You’ll get a buzz on your phone notifying you when it’s going to rain or snow in your area up to an hour in advance. It’s just like ~magic~.

Cliff trusts the promises of Dark Sky right down to the minute!

2 - aftership

A one-stop shop for tracking packages from any carrier — UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more.

You’ll get notifications on your phone when something has shipped, is out for delivery, or been delivered, so there are no guessing games about where your package may be.

3 - heads up

If you have kids to entertain or you just like to have fun, Heads Up is a fun game you can easily play anywhere.

Think inverted charades straight from your phone — one person holds the phone up to their forehead displaying a person, place, movie, etc. and has to guess based on the clues from the other players. The dreaded wait to hear your name called at a restaurant will never be the same again!! Thanks, Ellen Degeneres for making this addictive app that always ends with our stomach muscles being sore.


Lindsay’s Must Have App RECOMMENDATIONS

1 - Audible

While running, driving, or even bored at home Lindsay book-listening is Lindsay’s favorite form of entertainment. If you love the idea of reading and hate the reality of traffic you may just need to join the Audible family for $15/month.

If you know someone with Audible, you know someone who loves Audible. (Also check out your local library’s audio books for free, too!)

2 - AirBnB

Did you know the #1 AirBnB listing worldwide is right down the street from our office? It’s a treehouse and it’s a dream. Why pay the cost of a hotel if the same rate can get you a fully furnished, unbelievable house all to yourself. AirBnB is a past time for Lindsay. Not only as a travel option but as a time killer to dream of traveling and seeing other people’s cool homes.

Maybe one day someone can report back on staying at the treehouse in Atlanta and how amazing it is!?

3 - Instagram

What more to say. <Double tap> <Keep Scrolling>



1 - Chick-fil-A One

Without ever downloading any other restaurant app, Alan can confidently say that no other restaurant app can compare to CFA1.

Freebies? Got em. Rewards? Got em. Making the impossible fast drive-thru even faster? Done.

Alan has entered “Red Reward Status” and is reaping the benefits of free chicken and milkshakes whenever he so chooses. This is a must-have app for anyone addicted to the chicken at a place that always has chicken. Your phone needs it, now.

2 - Spotify

If Alan is home, a good playlist is on the speakers.

You’ve got to always have something filling the background while also having a sing-a-long or dance party one click away. (Alan is the father of two kids under four years old.)

If you’re not willing to pay the monthly subscription service (check out the family option to save!), you can still enjoy playlists and download your favorites offline. But in Alan’s opinion this is the best place to queue up the perfect vibes.

3 - Scream Go Hero

HAHA! Need to laugh and have no worries about the people around thinking you’re crazy? This app blew up on Twitter and a quick search or the Jimmy Fallon video below will give you the best understanding of how hilarious it can be.

This is a basic character moving through a two dimensional world game, but the character moves and jumps are based on the volume of your voice/shouts! It will make anyone near you turn their heads, but you will be laughing so hard.

Pull it out for a fun family dinner memory!

Here’s Jimmy Fallon and The Roots playing Scream Go Hero.


How’s the space on your phone looking now???

If you came only looking for the best budgeting & Money saving apps… You got so much more!

Yes, there are so many great apps out there, and those are just some ones we wanted to highlight!

Don’t write us hate letters because we didn’t include your favorite. But, honestly, if you have an app you think we can’t live without… please tell us in your next meeting with our team.


What do your phone apps say about who you are and what you value?

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