Announcing Dynamic Money - A NEW Name That Reflects Our Mission & Financial Strategy


Our company’s name is changing to reflect what it is that we do best: create flexible financial plans built for life.


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we’re growing to focus on what’s important for financial success

As our team met with hundreds of individuals and families to create personal financial plans, we noticed a MAJOR problem over and over again. Virtually everyone we meet with lacks flexibility in their financial plan. We see it constantly and it’s terrifying.

We’ve discovered most people have created (either alone or with the aid of a financial professional) are not built to handle real-life situations.

Instead, their plans are tailored for an idyllic world where there’s never an unforeseen (or expensive) emergency or surprise. We all know that life doesn’t go according to any plan, so we are taking a stand to ensure people have financial plans built for life.

We felt it was time our name reflected our passion. listen and find out why:


Change is coming and it’s a good thing

My college days weren’t like most college students.

When I was in college, in addition to working the requisite odd jobs students typically work to scrape by, I also had a wife and two kids. That’s right, I got married when I was 19-years-old and relished in my new found responsibility to provide for my young family by any means necessary.

One of my many jobs was working at the ropes course where I went to school. If you’re unfamiliar with ropes courses, think team building exercises but suspended off of the ground 40-feet in the air… fun.

I got married when I was 19-years-old and relished in my new found responsibility to provide for my young family by any means necessary.

When you work part-time at a ropes course, you learn a thing or two about building trust and the ever presence of gravity.

You also learn about the equipment needed to save someone’s life in an emergency.

For example the ropes you use, may or may not be built for a fall. There are generally two kinds of ropes:

  1. Static Rope
    There’s absolutely no give or slack with this rope. The line is so rigid that the moment you hit the end of the rope, you’d stop. Which, trust me, is NOT a good thing when you’re hurtling towards the ground. Stopping without any flexibility is painful.

  2. Dynamic Rope
    This rope is engineered to be flexible. It is designed with the expectation that you’re going to fall, but allows you to bounce back when you do. It stretches and offers you a soft landing when you fall so you can keep climbing toward the top.

    Dynamic rope can save your life if and when you fall.


Will Your financial Plan work if you fall?

Our new name reflects exactly what it is that we do every day: make personalized plans for people that are built to move someone towards their dreams even when the “unexpected” of life happens. Our clients are confident in the direction of their dreams and know when the hard times befall them, their plans won’t break.

DYNAMIC money is like a dynamic rope because we allow you to flex, bend, and move.

In addition to creating flexible plans, we’re going to be one of the only shops on the street that looks at the totality of your financial world and not just it stands today, but what it might look like down the road. We’re still going to be with you for the long haul and planning for your dreams. And we’re still going to keep you so updated on the financial news that you unknowingly look smarter when that Christmas party small talk hits.

And with that, I’d like to formally welcome you to the next chapter of helping people achieve their dreams!


Good times await us so climb aboard!


If your life goals were a mountaIn what would be at the very top?

when you know your destination, it’s easier to build a plan.

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