Bob Rodgers (Street Grace) -- Winning the Fight Against a Dark, Horrific Reality


Human trafficking is a $290 million industry in Georgia alone. Street Grace is working to change that. It’s a heavy topic, but we have to shine more light on this issue.



Bob Rodgers serves as President and CEO of Street Grace, bringing more than 30 years of corporate and nonprofit leadership and team development experience to this role.

Street Grace is one of the pioneers in the human trafficking “space” — a $290 million illegal industry in Georgia, alone.


In this podcast interview, you will hear:

  • Statistics that make you cringe at their existence.

  • How you can become a part of a solution in tangible ways.

  • The realities of an unknown world.

  • A perspective on domestic minor sex trafficking from a man who has been nationally recognized for his acumen in business, recruitment and team development.



P.S. This interview isn't easy to hear, but I challenge you to listen to it in its entirety and learn. You will be challenged by what you hear, and any education on this issue is further bringing it into the light.

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Interview Highlights

  • The reality of sex trafficking today (Listen in at 10:03)

  • Bob retells his account of a sting operation (27:40)

  • The scope of Street Grace's work (35:48)

  • Bob shares a heart-breaking story of how he originally became involved (41:05)

  • Chris asks "What practical things we can do to make a change?" (44:35)


Key Quotes


"I don't know if there is anything we have in common more than 'sexual issues.'"

"the single most-visited porn site in the world received more than 98 billion visitors last year."

"the mental health professionals have coined a phrase that eight is too late. it is critically important to educate our kids."

"one of the single greatest things that can be done is give a language to this to children."


"He looked up and said, 'I can sell a bag of drugs once and I can sell a 10-year-old girl 8-12 times a night."


"The topic is heavy, but the state's anti-trafficking lobby day is a family event. this is a great way to get involved."


But Why Is This Interview On a Financial Advising Site?

We are financial planners. So, why is a financial advisor talking about something as horrific as domestic sex trafficking? Great question.


Yes, we lead clients to grow their wealth, but we believe we have failed as an advisor if we haven't equally led our clients to live a better quality of life.


Money is just a tool to reaching the future that you want, and a better quality of life for you, your family, and our community can't be fully measured by the size of your bank accounts.


We believe in "quality of life" and that the quality of life of our community matters.

It is one of the greatest joys of our business to meet with clients, hear their dreams, and then see them live our a plan to achieve their goals.

We are More Than Money because we believe in you enjoying your life AND growing your wealth.

This interview may have been uncomfortable for you, but we think it is essential for more and more light to be shown on this painful issue. We are so thankful for all of Street Grace's efforts to change the stories of thousands!

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