Feeling Stuck? How To Make A Step Towards Health


When you take a step towards health in any area of your life, it has a ripple effect. All you have to do it take that step, and friend, there’s freedom there.



AS stuck would have it…

When we feel stuck we feel shame, alone, and isolated, but friends It’s a normal experience.

The crisis around feeling stuck is part of the human experience.

A recent client I was with was facing a $50,000 debt and was so ashamed to say it out loud. When she did, I could tell she was just waiting to be attacked. She was waiting for me to say, “I can’t believe you’re in this place. I can’t believe you and your husband let this happen.”

But, you’re feeling enough shame. That is the opposite of what will push you towards hope.

Where are you isolated? What are you afraid to tell others about what you struggle to manage? What are you trying to hide that you think nobody else would understand?

That is your stuck. And rather than hiding from it, there is extreme power in facing it, talking about it, and making a baby step towards change.

Let’s jump into true financial health and discover:

  • A holistic picture of health as opposed to segmented .

  • The emotions attached to feeling stuck that often leaves you isolated.

  • Where you can find freedom and how ONE step forward is possible for you.


Stuck is simply the lack of movement.

freedom is found in taking the first step!

Whether it’s going to therapy or to a personal trainer, taking that initial step and reaching out for help is a powerful thing.

If you take the risk to look that thing, whatever it is for you, square in the face, you’ll likely find that it doesn’t have the power over you that you think it does. It isn’t as big of a hurdle as you think it is.

Maybe you think I’m crazy and this just isn’t possible for you.

Friend, it’s possible! I’ve seen it over and over and over.

Be willing enough, be courageous enough to take that first step. For my client, it was coming into the office and being vulnerable enough to share about her debt. And you know what? We strategically looked at every piece of her world and figured out a solution…in the first meeting!

The only way you’re truly going to change your situation is if you take initiative. If you’re tired of feeling stuck, there is an answer: you can take a step.

Change is possible. Hope is possible. I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it, and I’d love to walk you through it too.

so when are you going to talk about that something…

where do you feel stuck in life?

This idea of feeling stuck and how it affects so many parts of your life is something I can’t stop thinking about… of course we address the concept in regards to finances, but maybe it’s your emotional health, or your spiritual health, your relational health, or your physical health.

Whatever it is, I want to help you realize how to feel unstuck.

Because taking the first step where you feel stuck will open doors to all types of growth and health.


stepping out of stuck creates momentum.

One step towards health in one area of your life LEADS TO HEALTH IN MORE AREAS.

People often come in and see me because they’ve recently made progress in another area of their life, and by doing that they feel the strength to seek health in other areas.

I saw this recently in my own life. I started exercising again last week. I had dreams and resolutions to work out at the beginning of the year, but then a lot of life happened and those dreams just fell to the side. (Maybe you can relate.)

It only took a few times to feel my confidence building and I felt ready to tackle things I had been putting off before because I was taking steps towards health.


When you’re tired of feeling stuck, the answer is a step: you can do it.



Can you taste ANY difference in flavor of this “sticky” treat?

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