How I Failed, But You Don't Have To...


Failure stings — trust me, I know! But you can’t live in shame, regret, or fear. If you can learn from your mistake(s) and make a change, you’re better for it. It’s a journey, friends.



Failure is on my mind because our team had a failure this week… I know it comes as a surprise, but yes, we aren’t perfect! I dare share.


The “Crime Scene.”

This is where our failure happened. Let me tell you more…

Here’s how I failed the sweetest client this week…

Even though it’s hard, I want to do this. It’s important to talk about failure. But if I believe, failure is the best teacher, I’m doing us all a favor by sharing this lesson!

When I started this company, it was so important that we be a place that consistently follows up with people and that our clients receive the same quality of care regardless of how much money they have…and we failed in that this week.

We had a user error in our system and we didn’t add a client’s appointment to our calendar, so she was sitting in the waiting room — just sitting there for 20 minutes and she couldn’t get a hold of anyone! And because it wasn’t on our calendar, the advisor she was supposed to see wasn’t even in the office.

That was a HUGE failure on our part.

It was embarrassing.

But there was a lesson to learn from this. (There most always is.)

This failure exposed a real, massive issue in the way that we do our processing, and now we can fix that. And because the client was able to share her concerns and I owned that — it’s my fault because it’s my company — we’ve been able to have several meetings talking through ideas on how to fix this.

Because we’re not sitting in it, this mistake could be the best thing that ever happened to us! Of course I’m not happy that it happened, I’m ticked off that it happened, but we chose to grow from it.

P.S. If you’re that client and you’re reading this, I know we said this but “I’m so sorry.”


How do you approach failure in your life?

Do you choose to sit in shame or grow when you fail?!? It’s time for the latter.

Think about your life for a second.

Some of you may be living in shame from mistakes or failures or regrets — I’ve made my fair share of all of those. But let me say this to you: What opportunity is there for change?

“what opportunity is there for change?”

the financial world is no different. embrace the lessons you’ve learned and make changes.


How have you learned from financial mistakes you’ve made?

Are you repeating the same mistakes or failing to make changes?

How have you learned from your mistakes in general?

How can small changes become something that benefit you long-term?

Do you feel shame because of your past decisions?

If you’re living in the shame of your failures, now is the time to capitalize on that. Let go and make changes. There’s something to be learned from your shortcomings, and there’s always an opportunity to grow.

I learned from my failures this week and hope you are encouraged to remember to 1. have a process for things that matter and 2. no mistake is too big to overcome.


“If you’re living in the shame of your failures, now is the time to capitalize on that. Let go and make changes.”


What if a fallen rider never got back on the horse?

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