How To Overcome The Negativity In The News & Create True Financial Security


There’s ALWAYS going to be a negative slant in news media because bad news sells! But, beyond those news stories, you can actually center your financial planning around YOU and a more stable foundation. Leave unnecessary anxiety in the past.



We are in the 104th straight month of job growth. That’s great, right?

I was reading an article about this and something about the first sentence stuck me. Tell me if you think this sounds positive or negative:

“Employers tapped the breaks on hiring in May, signaling companies are taking a more cautious approach at a time of cooling global growth in trade tensions and adding to other signs of a spring slowdown in the decade-long U.S. economic expansion.”

“Everything Is Great!” said no one who wanted to sell something ever…

“Caution. Slowdown. Cooling.” It sounds like we’re headed towards trouble, doesn’t it?

Friends, the jobless rate is still at 3.6% — the 104th straight month of job growth! You could take all the same data and make it a positive story, so why is the primary focus here on the negative side? Why isn’t the emphasis on the fact that we’re still going strong?

The answer is, and I’m going to be straightforward here, bad news sells way more papers than good news. Bad news brings in far better ratings than good news.

If the headline on the paper is “Everything Is Great!” who would read the paper? (…who really reads the paper anyways?)

Bad news sells, and that’s been the case since news has been around.

But, Bad Media News Means Worse Personal Financial News… I’ll explain

Here’s the BIG problem with the bad news we’re sold: it can impact our financial decision-making and lead us to trouble. It’s often in the subtleties.

  • The way a newspaper article is crafted so you feel like eminent danger is coming

  • The subtle twist a news story is presented on TV to make you think something terrible is about to happen

  • The scary teaser to be sure you click or tune in to the next segment

Everything around you — especially the news on finances — all impacts your thought process in the way you make financial decisions.


If everything you watch, read, or listen to is wrapped around negativity, that can have an impact on your financial decision-making.

The people writing these articles and stories have no idea what’s going to happen in the market or the economy. (P.S. this is apolitical!) Everything is slanted towards causing concern and anxiety because that’s what brings viewers in.

Okay, so we all agree. So what do we do to combat that?

How do we rise above the negative news to achieve financial security?

How do we rise above the negative news to achieve financial security?

we each have to learn where to put a barrier between your financial plan and whatever the news cycle of the day is…

I’m not advocating for ignorance, but I’m suggesting that when you watch the news, you don’t believe the slant of everything you hear.

It’s not that the bad stuff is never going to happen, of course the market will eventually drop, but when we start to take in this negative media it forces us towards a mindset that will influence our decision-making.

At the core of this is basic behavioral economics.

We make a lot of decisions based on how we feel…more than we would like to admit.

Your decision should be proactive—based off of your situation. When you do that, you step outside the news cycle. You effectively put a barrier between your financial plan and whatever the news cycle of the day is.

And the news cycle of the day is always going to be negative, whereas your financial plan is full of hope!


Negative News Is Powerful, But There Is Something even More Powerful

You can have a financial plan that’s built to handle all the ups and downs if you build it around YOU and where you are, rather than what the news tells you is important at the moment.

Negative news tends to not only sell, but stick around in our memory longer than anything positive we hear. (Think of how long a critique stays with you longer than a passing compliment.)

Knowing your financial plan is built around YOU and your goals and not built to react to the day’s NEWS is how you rise above the headlines.

Maybe you feel like you can exist above the news cycle, because you don’t know how to find confidence in your own personal financial plan. If that is the case, I invite you to start a relationship with us. Let’s talk about your world and see if we can walk you through a financial planning process that will change the way you view your whole world and your dreams for the future.

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing people’s lives and priorities change when they get off the treadmill of the news cycle and start to feel confident about where they are going because they have a plan built for their situation.

Well anyways… that’s all for now. I’ve got to run. My favorite news show is coming on… : )


Which would you typically want first the bad news or the good news a friend has?

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