I'm Nearing Retirement & I'm Scared...


Virtually everyone feels this underlying fear about retiring. Guess what? More money isn’t the answer. Peace is found with good planning and testing that plan in every possible scenario. The PEACE you desire is possible, you don’t have to live in fear.



I got a note from a listener recently that really struck me.

It was simple.

It was incredibly honest.

It was straight to the point.

And it stopped me for a minute…

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Here’s what her email said:

“I’m nearing retirement and I’m scared.”

It couldn’t be much more simple or vulnerable and I really appreciated it.

When I first got into this industry, I assumed that people who had a lot of money wouldn’t feel anxiety about retirement. I assumed they would feel confident and excited.

That isn’t the case at all.

i met with a man who changed my view on retirement stress and anxiety forever…

I learned that more Money Isn'T the key To less Retirement Stress

I was working with a gentleman who was the CEO of a very large company and had more money than he probably knew what to do with. If any of you were to look at his portfolio, you’d probably say “well if I had that, then I’d be fine.”

It was just the two of us in a room crunching all the numbers. He stopped for a second and looked at me and said, “Hey, are we gonna be okay?”

And it floored me.

It floored me that this gentleman, who was at the height of what most people aspire to, was truly worried, truly anxious.

This brings me back to the listener who wrote in. She’s scared about retirement — but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lot of money. This was the lightbulb for me! There are people who come into our office who have very little, and there are people who come into our office who have many millions, and the way they feel about retirement is often the same.

If you feel anxiety or concern right now, you are in good company.

Worried about retirement and if you have enough? Well, you are in the company of CEOs, CFOs, heirs, average joes and virtually everyone I talk with who is willing to be honest.

There’s an underlying anxiety in everyone wondering if it’s going to work.

Here’s my advice to overcoming the fear monster of retirement planning


Look to think about how you can reach your dreams, over the ways you may falls short. SO MUCH of what we do is sitting down and talking about how you FEEL about your future and how you can change your mindset about the future. And once that mindset is changed, there can be peace and hope that you can reach those dreams.

2. LOOK AT ALL THE PIECES - The goal is to figure out how you can align ALL the pieces of your plan to point you towards peace and hope and the dreams that you have. Some of you may have been living with anxiety for too long and this seems impossible.

Too often people mistake retirement planning as the combination of a couple of large accounts and building a nest egg. It’s so much more involved with strategy, adjustments, goals and how all your financial DNA points towards one end.

3. REST IN YOUR SITUATION - It doesn’t matter if you have or don’t have millions of dollars. I have people who, if I told you the amount of money you’d think there’s no way they can retire comfortably, but they are doing it!! You have your own goals and your own plan. Not your neighbors or best friends or anyone else’s… YOURS.

Let me tell you the rest of the story of the anxious, Retirement-Bound CEO...

He sat down with our team of planners and we showed him the data. I showed him that he was going to be okay.

I used the best technology to show him exactly how HIS SITUATION was going to play out if the market tanked, if he had health issues, if the company went under, etc. And for him in each scenario we worked through, he was going to be alright and I could visibly see the peace come over his face as he watched!

The best advice I can give you is to sit down with a fee-based financial planner who can give you completely honest advice, whose opinion you can trust because you know you aren’t just another commission for them, and play out all the potential scenarios.

Yes, may advice is a direct alignment with what our company does best, but if you are scared about retiring I’m here to say there is a way to experience peace. we have it.

Everyone’s situation is different, but the key is this: Do not live with that anxiety controlling you. You truly don’t have to. When you have a plan that shows you the outcomes if A, B, or C happens, you can feel peace about your retirement.



If you had to rank your confidence in your retirement plan from 1-5 where would you fall?

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