Inspiring Kids to Be World Changers with $100 - Kristen Witzel (Kids Boost)



This Atlanta-based organization is worth its salt. We are all about teaching kids philanthropy and how to make the world a better place. As we always say, life is more than money.



Kristen Witzel is a mother, Child Life Specialist, and a self-proclaimed "big dreamer but determined doer."  

Kristen was born and raised in Georgia and graduated from UGA with a degree in Child Development. #GoDawgs After years of working with children, Kristen recognized that children have the innate need and desire to give back, but often don't know how.  She also noticed a lack of opportunity for young children to volunteer.  These observations were the catalyst for Kids Boost, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids to give back to the world.  

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Kristen, and Kids Boost, is on a mission to teach kids that they can use their gifts, talents and passions to make an impact on their community. She strongly believes that if we teach children the joys of philanthropy at a young age, we will create a lifelong love of giving back. 


In our conversation with Kristen you will hear:

  • The story of a mom, entrepreneur and dreamer who loves to inspire.

  • How Kids Boost began and the sacrifices it demanded.

  • The efforts to dramatically shift how kids see and engage in giving back.

  • Why this Atlanta-based organization is a favorite place for our team to support.

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Some of our favorite moments

  • How One Child's Generosity Birthed The Idea of Kids Boost (Listen in at 10:00)

  • The Difference Between Just Raising Money and Loving Potatoes (Listen in at 13:00)

  • Launching A Business & Actually Making It Work (Listen in at 16:30)

  • The Kids Boost Model & How It Benefits Adults Too (Listen in at 36:00)

  • An Urgent Shift In Thinking & Missing A Grant (Listen in at 42:00)

  • Looking to The Future With Clear Goals (Listen in at 55:30)

  • The ONE BIG Non-Negotiable at Kids Boost (Listen in at 59:00)

Quotes that prove/reinforce Kristen & Kids Boost is awesome

"More than an entrepreneur I consider myself a problem-solver."

"I'm the dork that wanted to be a soccer mom and REAAALLLY wants to be room mom."

"Every kid has to research the organization he or she wants to support and our hope is that they feel even more connected to the mission when the see exactly where the money will go (even including taxes)."

"I believe in kids boost and I believe kids want to make a difference."

"If everyone could find their passion, imagine the difference in the world!"

"Single moms don't start non-profits and succeed."

"What are we doing just to help kids be better people?"


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This Interview Is meant to encourage and challenge you

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While we are absolutely interested in the financial success of our clients and growing their wealth, we believe we have failed as an organization if we have not equally led them to a more fulfilled life.

We invited Kristen to the podcast because her incredible work with Kids Boost the heart of giving back and how it is inspiring kids to become tiny, fearless philanthropists. Whether you can directly be involved, or are inspired by her transparency we hope you are challenged to work hard for yourself and others.

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