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Kids Boost is an Atlanta-based organization that is dramatically multiplying the impact of a dollar. It’s all about instilling philanthropic giving while teaching entrepreneurial skills to the next generation.



In the season of giving and kindness, it only felt right to share the show with someone who shares my passion for youth personal finance education.

Welcoming Chelsea, the community programs coordinator at Kids Boost to chat with me about all of the amazing work the non-profit is doing.

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Kids Boost is an Atlanta-based non-profit on a mission to teach kids that they can use their gifts, talents and passions to make an impact on their community.

The chief reason I LOVE and champion (I’m also a board member) this organization is because I want to remove the taboo surrounding teaching our kids about money. Like all of you, I want to protect my kids from just about every evil in this world. But in our society, money is grouped in with the other hush-hush topics. Kids Boost provides real life application of personal finance and event planning skills that have long lasting impact on the world.

In our conversation with Chelsea you will hear:

  • The way kids identify what philanthropic causes speak to them and how they transform $100 into $1,700 for their favorite charities.

  • A heartwarming tale of how a super hero loving middle schooler made friends and raised money for veterans.

  • How you can help over 250 kids who are on a list right now and are patiently waiting to get into the program.

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DM: Okay, Chelsea, how does Kids Boost work?

Chelsea: Kids Boost empowers kids to be philanthropic entrepreneurs by giving them $100 seed money, a one on one coach and helping them to turn their money into more by asking them what speaks to their heart in terms of the impact area.

We help each child identify what matters most to them be it animals, hunger or the environment. The end goal is never about the money, but on average, each kid turns $100 into $1,700 and along the way learns lessons about money management, philanthropy, perseverance and event planning.

DM: What else do you see kids learning from participating in a project?

Chelsea: Above all else, the transformation of self-confidence and self-esteem in our kids makes your heart smile. Some of our kids are faced with the fundraising challenge and they find it incredibly daunting, but that’s when their coach breaks it down for them.

For instance, if a kid wants to host a fundraiser and charge a $20 suggested donation per friend they invite, we explain if they invite just two friends, they’ll have earned $40 towards their goal.

DM: I’d love you to tell us about the real life application kids gain.

Chelsea: It’s so much! It’s budget planning, counting donations, understanding returns, charting growth and it’s not in a textbook or in a classroom -- it’s real-life application. It’s a ripple effect of learning civic engagement, recruiting different groups to get people involved and then it ties back to the direct impact of their fundraising cause.

DML Now go ahead, make us weep with a story that captured your heart

Chelsea: I worked with one boy who happened to be the new kid at his middle school this year. He made it his mission to help Wounded Warrior Project because he comes from a strong military family. His background coupled his strong communication skills and his love for the Marvel Universe yielded a super successful Marvel movie trivia night.

It was such an enormous undertaking that midway through the planning process, his mom mentioned to me that her son was thinking about pulling the plug on the whole thing. That’s where I got to step in and play the role of coach and motivator and instilled a little perseverance in him. And another heart warmer: he had to go out on a limb by inviting his new classmates to attend his event.

DM: I LOVE IT! Now, how can people help?

Chlesea: Simple! Just donate online.

We have about a $35,000 deficit to bridge by the end of the year.

There are over 250 kids on a list right now who are patiently waiting to get into the program, but Kids Boost doesn’t have the funding or bandwidth to support that many kids. From now until the end of the year, any dollar given to Kids Boost will be matched.

The number one indicator of success for entrepreneurs or those who want to start businesses is resiliency.

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