Lindsey Turner -- Fitness, Fullness, and The Journey In Between (Personal Coach + The Transform App Ambassador)


Quality of life comes from more than just a bank account. It’s also more than just being in shape. Listen to the interview for tips on how to set personal goals and love yourself along the way.


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Lindsey Turner is a certified personal trainer and coach, ambassador of The Transform App, fitness enthusiast, and promoter of self-love.

After a storied past of coaching, Lindsey faced multiple medical professionals tell him his injuries would permanently sideline him. Lindsey discovered The Transform App by Chris and Heidi Powell and how he began rebuilding his body inside and out.


Lindsey's journey may look like a fitness success story, but it really became a career when he first began appreciating his physical self through loving his inner self.


In this podcast interview, you will hear:

  • The surprising lack of satisfaction you'll find in ONLY getting in shape.

  • Lindsey's frustration with gym-timidation and how to overcome the fear.

  • How Lindsey's lowest moments now fuel him to coach others to new heights.

  • Tips for any level of fitness to set goals and make the right steps towards not only reaching their goals, but also loving yourself on the journey.


P.S. We meet Lindsey long before we knew him as the amazing life and fitness coach that he is today. We featured his non-profit focused on serving families with children who have special needs, ELI Project, on WSB Radio during our 2017 Organizational Spotlight. How does he do it all?!?

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Interview Highlights

  • The Painful Journey of Staying In Shape for The Wrong Reasons (Listen in at 6:30)

  • The Picture from Hugh Hefner's Party That Changed Lindsey's Career Trajectory Forever (Listen in at 17:00)

  • The Discovery of An App That Works - The Transform App (Listen in at 32:00)

  • The Scientific Correlation Between What We Tell Our Mind & What It Impacts Our Reality (Listen in at 49:30)

  • Goal Setting On What You (And Only YOU) Need (Listen in at 53:30)

  • Chris' Favorite Two Questions He ALWAYS Asks (Listen in at 1:09:10)

Key Quotes


"I believed that Life would become easier if I was in better shape, and that, ultimately, people would like me more."

"Once I could learn to love my inner self, I could then build my physical self."


"I'm a guy that loves to simplify decisions. That's one of the reasons I was drawn to The Transform App."


"I made a list of things I thought about adding to the app and then somehow ended up jumping on a call with the team who built it as I am out walking my dog!"

"If you save everyone around you but lose yourself, you miss the point."

"Don't 'should' on me."

"My greatest desire is to get to a point where I am 100% fulfilled not because of anything outside of myself."



But Why Is This Interview On a Financial Advising Site?

We are financial planners. So, why is a financial advisor not only talking about the stock market and wise investment options? Great question.

 While we are absolutely interested in the financial success of our clients and growing their wealth, we believe we have failed as an organization if we have not equally led them to a more fulfilled life.

A better quality of living is so much more than excess of wealth and we've witnessed too many people strive to reach their goals and ultimately feel empty. Lindsey shared how he chased success but only found satisfaction when he realigned priorities.  We want to help you create the life that allows you to invest in what you love and enjoy those who matter most.


We believe in "quality of life" and that growing your wealth for the only purposes of aCQuiring more won't lead you to feeling fulfilled.



It is one of the greatest joys of our business to meet with clients, hear their dreams, and then see them live out a plan to achieve their goals.

We are More Than Money because we believe in you enjoying your life AND growing your wealth.

This interview hopefully reminds you to have an honest look at why your chasing success. In our opinion, money is a tool to reaching the future that you want, but a better quality of life for you, your family, and our community can't be fully measured by the size of your bank accounts.

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