Can Your Financial Plan Handle A Recession? Now, Is The Time To Know


Friends! We’ve been given an extension! We’re sitting in the calm before the storm, or for you optimists, the calm before…the really sunny day? Either way, take advantage! Now is the time to make sure you’ve got a financial plan that’s built to handle a recession, a poor trade deal with China, or any number of unexpected things could happen…



stop trying to predict the market. stop expecting The Market to be logical...

I’m not here to predict the market and its future. …

Maybe next month we meet with the Chinese and it goes very poorly and the whole things bombs, OR maybe we meet, things go great, we reach a trade deal and everyone’s happy, but something way out of left field comes in and wrecks us.

Either way…We’ve been given a gift. TODAY.

Any number of things could happen. The point is, you and I cannot, in any way, predict what the market is going to do.

Accept the reality that we’re in the middle of a gift… take this opportunity of exhale watching the market, and choose to build your plan to handle any change!


it’s as if we’ve been given an extension on our high school history papers

now is the opportunity to protect your future...don’t waste it!

We need to wake up to the reality of how quickly everything can change.

So how do you take advantage of this extension? You and your spouse need to take a look at:

  • Your investments

  • Your current risk level

  • Your age

  • Your proximity to retirement

Honestly, now is the time to meet with a financial planner! (Even if it’s not us.) And go over your current plan or build one for the first time.

<A financial planner pitching financial planning? Cue the eye roll.>

Friends, there is a reason our team does what we do! There’s a reason I get excited about my job!

I love helping people move from fear of finances to confidence. But, listen, maybe our firm isn’t a fit for you, and that’s okay! Just make sure whoever you meet with is part of the 8% of U.S. fiduciary firms, meaning they aren’t paid a commission to sell you advice.

Are all the pieces of your plan built to handle the worst? Or even the best case scenario?

Beyond the market and what it does… this exercise will help you create a plan that works for all of the unexpected events of life. People come into my office and they don’t want to talk about the worst case scenarios, and I get it. We all want to avoid the worst. But…

What if one of us passes away earlier than we expected?

What if we have a long-term care issue?

What if we have a serious illness in the family?


These questions are difficult and scary, but when we look at them in the face and are able to create a plan that would take care of you if that scenario ever became reality, I promise, it becomes much less frightening.

It’s the time to look at EVERY PIECE of your financial world.

We look at your estate planning, so that if something were to happen to you, exactly what you want would happen to your resources. If you have kids or family, they would pass it on how you want.

If something were to happen to you medically, we’ll make sure we’ve already looked at powers of attorney, so that the right people can make the right decisions the way you want them to be made.

We look at your taxes to make sure you’re getting the best tax break now, but also that when you reach retirement you haven’t created a lop-sided tax situation.

We look at income planning, so we can build a plan that’s going to take you where you need to be to enjoy your future.

Some perspective: why in the world is this conversation happening…

If you’ve seen any headlines recently you know about China Trade Talks, the recent Trump tweets, and volitality of the market. If not subscribe to our daily updates to stay informed. Too many of us are watching and reacting to the market news, but I want you to remember:

1 - The market is not logical!

It is not cause and effect, it’s a crowd mentality. The market was given an extension and was like, “Great! We get to procrastinate a bit so we’ll just put it off.”

The market right now is like me in my middle school history class getting an extension on my paper and breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of a few extra weeks. (Shout out to you, Mrs. Ten Pas.)

2 - We just got consumer spending reports in for last month and guess what? Consumer spending is up again!

As much as we keep hearing talk of an incoming recession, that’s not necessarily reality. SO MANY FACTORS go into what makes an economy healthy, and honestly, we’ve got a lot of good things going on.

Even though we see all of this conflict in the news, Americans are going out and spending money, and you know why? Because they’re employed! We have the lowest unemployment rate we’ve ever had for the longest period of time. Although the news is often doom and gloom, there are good things going on too.


Be Ready For What No One Can Expect next

Regardless of whether the market tanks next month or next year, regardless of whether trade talks with China work out or not, is your plan built to handle it?

If you can’t answer that question, friend, you’ve been given an extension.

REJOICE! Be proactive and be prepared for tomorrow, because there is a better way to live and it starts with looking at your plan!

Yes, I hear you all breathing a sigh of relief and wiping the sweat from your brow. Phew!

Our team would love to meet with you and take you through a financial planning process that is unique to your situation and builds a plan that can handle whatever the market does, whatever life does, and can give you real financial peace.


What is one thing you have purchased that you wish you would have bought insurance for?

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