How to Retire Sooner & See Your Dreams Earlier


You don’t need to wait for retirement to start living out your dreams, because we aren’t guaranteed to live for another 20, 30, or 40 years. You can build your dreams into your life now! Let’s talk about a different approach to retirement planning that puts your dreams in the forefront.



Some people want to do everything they can to retire early.

I have clients like that — some people come into my office and say “ I want to retire at ___ age.” If you can do that, that’s amazing!

But before you set a goal like that, you need to figure out what retirement means for you. How do you define retirement? In our office we approach retirement planning this way:

“Retirement is not the age that you stop working, but it’s the age that money no longer becomes the primary factor in that decision-making process.”

What’s up, Webster? #NailedIt

Retirement planning has never been more dynamic than today.

When my parents were working, retirement was very cut & dry. It meant that you were going to work for decades at the same company until around 55 or 60, then you would fully stop working. You made it.

In today’s world, retirement has evolved to be the point when you have the financial freedom to do whatever you want.

You could be working full-time and be ‘retired’ in my mind because money isn’t the reason you’re working anymore — maybe you just love the job you’re in.

You may choose to keep working if you love what you do or choose to shift to a different line of work.


let’s say it again: retirement isn’t ceasing to work, but it’s having the freedom to make a decision without money being part of the equation.

Redefining retirement doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s now or never, but… it’s now or never.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be around or as healthy as you are today to live out your dreams you have for your life in 30 years.

Tim Ferriss is the author of a book called “The 4-Hour Workweek” in which he talks about this redefining of retirement. He says there has been this trend in American culture to say that you’ll work hard for X amount of years and THEN you’ll live out those dreams that you have or, at that point, had.

What’s the problem with that? Tim says in his book that this isn’t guaranteed to you. There’s no certainty that you’re going to live that long, or maybe you do live that long, but by the time you get there you’re too exhausted or ill to do all that traveling you dreamed of.

You’ve got to build what you dream and desire into your life now.

A lot of people hear that and just dismiss it, and I get it! You’ve got a few kids, you’ve got bills, you’ve got work, etc.

Real life has a way of souring these cool dreams and ideas. It might not be realistic for you right now to go travel to China for two months, but the danger there is that we miss a concept that could be transformative for us.

anyone can adopt this approach to financial planning and living… even in little ways.

make room in the budget for the good and the bad, so you can live out your dreams not just in ___ years, but today.

One of the first things we ask our new clients is “What dreams or desires do you have?” Because we want to make those real.

I had a couple come in recently who really inspired me.

They basically put into practice what Tim Ferriss talks about in his book. I’ve been doing planning with them for a while now, and they aren’t sitting on a crazy amount of money or anything, they’re just hard-working people who love and desire to travel.


They created a plan that made room for an Alaskan cruise, even though they’re both still working full-time and have a number of years until they can stop.

Good financial planning is about finding a middle ground that creates a PLAN BUILT FOR YOU. The financial plan we built for this couple truly wouldn’t work for anyone, but them and based on their dreams.

Listen, if you’ve ever researched Alaskan cruises, you know they’re not cheap! And while they aren’t incredibly wealthy, they had a desire to travel and didn’t want to wait 10 or 15 years to do it.

how did they live out their dream instead of waiting?

He worked overtime for a full year. And that’s not the way to do it for everyone, but the point is that they did it! They had a dream and they made room to chase it. They knew what they wanted and went after it.

Can you say the same about your dreams? Or even your plan to get there? If it’s 3 months from now or 30 years from now…

what’s your dream? You shouldn’t wait 20, 30, 40 years to start living it.

All we have is now, right? Maybe you can’t remember the last time you took a vacation and that kind of life seems so far off, and I can identify with that.

You just have to take the risk to orient your finances and your life towards those dreams.

One of the super practical ways we encourage clients to do this is to have, not just an emergency fund, but an opportunity fund — a fund built to do things like go on an Alaskan cruise and travel China for two months. It’s not just saving money for bad things, but saving money for good things!

Your plan can’t just be “how do I retire well?” but “how do i live well?”

How do you approach your dreams now AND in the future? Because both are critical. All we have is now, right?

This Isn’t A Shameless Plug, This Is A Sincere Invitation to make your plan work.

Our team at Dynamic Money has had the privilege of working with hundreds of people across all different kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds and I can tell you, there is a different way to live (if you’re interested in looking into adding dream life experiences to your immediate future) and we would love to be a part of helping you get there.


We offer a free consultation where you’ll come in and sit down with me or a member of our team and we’ll just talk with you. We’ll tell you everything you want to know about us: how we get paid, what we do, what process we take you through. Then we’ll talk about your dreams and begin the process of figuring out the best way to get you there.

Here’s what I want you to do… You’ve made it this far in the blog so THIS MATTERS. Put a finger on what your dream is.

Literally, go write your dream down on a sheet of paper right now. Maybe give yourself some helpful guidance and pen a 3-year dream and a 10-year dream, and then PUT YOUR FINGER DOWN ON IT as if you were making it officially yours and your finger were something magically awesome.

Don’t be satisfied with your financial plan if it’s not on track to give you the life you want — take a step forward.

You have one life. Take a step towards your dreams!

P.S. Traditional retirement is totally fine if that’s your plan. This is a conversation we find happening more and more in our office and we think it’s wildly inspirational and exciting.

Second P.S. Just for fun we’re giving away a 1-page goal setting tool that helps you write down your goal, a plan, and put “your finger on something” with some clear direction. It’s so simple. And often, simple enough to knock out in 5 minutes and have more direction. Click here to download a free 1-page goal setting sheet.


How has your dream for the future (or even retirement) changed over the past 20 years?

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