Mirror Mirror on the Wall Street... Protect Yourself Against Financial Predictions!


It’s the time of year when cable news parades a panel of experts to “predict” how the stock market will behave in 2019. Do yourself a favor: stop torturing yourself and change the channel.




say “no” to fortune cookie FINANCIAL planning

Not only is it Christmas season which is filled with merriment, gingerbread and egg nog— lots of egg nog — but the Christmas season also shares the spotlight with prediction season!

That’s right! It’s the time of year to laugh at the cable news financial talking heads who crawl out of the woodwork to gaze into their crystal balls and crack open fortune cookies to predict what the market will look like next year.

Google “Financial Predictions for 2019” and click the first three links. I bet you will find multiple different predictions and each of them have “facts” to back them up. (UPDATE: Truth be told it took me FIVE links for a good contradicting opinion.)

when I searched “Financial Predictions for 2019” and google served up multiple other suggested wild headlines about market crashes and financial guessing games. it sells!!!!

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a lighthearted prediction can turn into a DANGEROUS decision - Take note

I do my fair share of ribbing at these academic eggheads in good fun, but where their predictions crossover into reckless territory is when people begin to make their investment decisions based off of their prophecies.

What ends up happening is these self-professed oracles qualify their statements as much as possible— “There’s a possibility we may end up losing some money and it could feel somewhat like a bear market vibe.”

The danger lies in the fact that a viewer takes the appraisal on good faith simply because someone on a reputable network said it and then tailors their investing strategy to the piece of non-advice advice. (And another thing: there’s no such thing as a “bear market vibe.”)

There’s no accountability or consequence to their predictions that always come in two forms:

  1. Gains beyond your wildest imagination (Complete nonsense.)

  2. Apocalyptic hellfire (Complete nonsense.)

Instead of trusting a polarizing hot take and making a plan on the unknown, make a plan on what is known?! Discover how data can inform your decisions, because it tends to work better.

Let the market do its thing - Enjoy the benefits

The market will do well overtime. Trust it. Don’t listen to your gut or act on a prediction you read because smart and sustainable investments are based on two things:

  1. the risk you can handle

  2. the risk your plan can handle

When you have a healthy blend of confidently knowing your goals and evidence over years and years of data rather than someone’s “feeling” or “prediction” you can be confident during the market dropping. Even if it hits years before Google predicts — you’ll be okay.

Actually the market changing can often benefit you when your financial plan is built to handle change based on your long-term goals.

So, you can play the guessing game and live with stress or chose a proven financial strategy and start laughing at the click-bait engineering talk heads trying to sell you their doom and gloom headlines.

financial predictions are OVER-DRAMATIZED and cheap SENSATIONALIST ploys designed to get tv ratings.

The only good thing to come from prediction season is to rattle some people into thinking about their investment portfolios for the new year.


You don’t leave the house without consulting a meteorologist's forecast — don’t invest your money without the aid of a financial planner.


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