3 Ways to Re-Fuel Your New Year's Resolution Goals & ACTUALLY Reach Your Dreams


Your life can look drastically different if you really want it. Your dreams you set a month ago still matter and there are proven ways to get back on track and find success! You’ve got this.




remember that Important New Year’s Resolution you set? how’s it going?

We’re officially in February and we are one month away from those New Year’s resolutions we all ambitiously set.

Not shaming anyone here, but 80 percent of us will have dropped our New Year’s resolutions before Groundhog Day. It’s not because you have weak constitution or you didn’t want it badly enough, it’s because you didn’t set yourself up for success.

That’s all about to change. We’re going to call for a REMATCH and revive those feelings of hope and aspiration of December 31st.

You’re not alone. In just 31 days into the new year, eight out of ten people will have dropped their new year’s resolutions with reckless abandon and given up.

Don’t call it a resolution, call it a plan

I laid out some lofty goals for myself in 2019. Besides not letting money control my happiness or affect my health, I’m going to run a half marathon this year!

[Word to the wise: please stop asking me if I’ve started training. I’ve been training for weeks, but I guess it’s not showing yet...]

But this is about your goals not mine. You’re going to stick to your resolution this time not because you’re suddenly a month smarter, stronger, but because you have a PLAN.


Your goals will become realities by using these 3 proven strategies that multiply your chances of success and drive you toward the life you want.

Proven Strategy 1 - Write Down Your Goal (And Be Sure It’s Realistic)

Attempting to hit 20 CrossFit classes in a week to get those ripped muscles or depriving yourself of all that is fun in the name of paying off credit card debt isn’t sustainable or realistic.

Take your big goal (say, save $5,000 in 2019) and break it into bite-sized pieces (like save $400 a month) so you can celebrate the small wins. When slip-ups happen (you’re human, it’s fine), don’t allow them to derail your focus so much that you spiral out of control and find yourself in the Chick-fil-A drive-through picking up a chocolate milkshake.

Did you know you’re 42 percent more likely to follow through with a goal if you write it down. Don’t just jot it down and tuck it away in a notebook, put your written goal somewhere you’ll see it every day. Be it the fridge, bathroom mirror, front door of your home, put it someplace that you’ll see it and you can’t ignore it.

proven strategy 2 - Remember Why You Started

Change isn’t easy. There’s a good chance what you want to achieve will demand hard work. Here’s the trick? You need to think of your goal not in terms of success or failure, but what the results would mean to you.

Fill in these blanks: “I want to achieve ___________ because it would mean ________ to me.”

Go deep. Get real. What is your deeper motivation in moving ahead? Visualize that and keep fighting.

proven strategy 3 - Go Tell the Universe (Or if you want to be more low-key at least one person)

Get buy-in from your friends, family, colleagues, whoever you share your world with. By announcing your goal, you’ve made it real and you’ve gained buddies, mentors and cheerleaders who will guide you through to completion. These are the people you need in your corner because they will be ones to check up on your progress, praise your gains and give it to you straight when you need some honesty.

In my case, I tweeted to my followers that I’m running a half marathon (#goals) because I want people to ask me how training’s going and maybe I’ll find people to talk shop with (shin-splints, chafing, blisters — all the glamorous stuff.)

The word accountability gets a bad rap, but that’s our value to you.

We’re Offering FREE Accountability! Because We Want To See You Move Toward Your Best Life So Badly!

The point of all of my blabbing isn’t only because I love great plans (even though I really do), it’s about the bigger picture and how we can improve your quality of life.

Which is why I’m announcing our “Goal-Crushing Plan” to help anyone overcome the barriers of success and accomplish their dreams.

(Click here to get a tool that leverages the proven strategies above to help you realize your dreams.)

This new tool will help you on the path towards your goals. And addition to this free download, we’re going to be giving everyone free accountability check-ins and monthly encouragement. If your dreams matter to you, there is no reason NOT to do this.


If you want to be a different place come December 31st 2019, or even next month, it’s up to you. The 3 proven strategies above REALLY will work and lead you to a real change.

So, we’ll be there for you and you can be there for me, right? RIGHT!

*cue the theme song to Friends*


Your dreams still matter. Let’s reach them together.

#TheRematch starts today.


What would your life look like if your dreams were fully realized?


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