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Are You a Pawn in The Big Bank's Chess Match?

Banks just reported higher-than-expected earnings... Congratulations to everyone but their customers! If you’re earning .0001% on your savings account while they’re charging higher and higher interest for loans, but not passing that on to you, there’s a really easy answer for that in capitalism: leave!

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The Market Is Up, But What More Do You Need For Success?

The market is breaking records like it’s Michael Phelps! Many people want to figure out how to earn more, how to have higher investment returns, as growth keeps growing… BUT better returns alone won’t be enough long-term. There is a key we see for success…

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Innovative, New Way to Get Financial Planning Has Our Attention

Subscription-based financial planning is disrupting the industry and it’s getting a lot of buzz! Before we all buy into the hype, because our team LOVES some elements of it, let’s make some popcorn and look into this approach more.

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