The BEST Financial Resolution You Can Make This Year


New Year’s resolutions are great, but a successful 2019 is more than measuring yourself against how much want to make, save, or pay off this year. Your relationship with money will be a more worthwhile focus this year.




You Can’t Ignore this in 2019 & Stay healthy

There’s a solid line that connects money, health and stress and we’ve got to own that.

For a lot of us, the new year signals a time for reflection and goal setting, but what I hear from so many of you is that all of your goals are focused on finances and often the idea of accumulation.

Listen, it’s not like more money is a bad thing! But, i truly want MORE for you than that in 2019.

Money is the source of so much life stress.

Money Is Good. Health & Money Is Better. A Resolution You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

I want to talk about the big picture. Yes, freeing yourself from debt, selling off a property, or splurging on a fancy new car are wonderful resolves, but they’re all rooted in how you use and distribute your money.

But, rather than focusing on how you use your money, let’s look at how you relate to your money.

At the top of my of New Year’s resolutions for you is: to not worry as much about money.

Second to money, work and relationships are listed as being the leading cause of stress in the lives of Americans today. But I’d make the argument that the stressors from work and relationships have a root of money.

What’s one of the leading causes of stress at work? MONEY! More specifically, your paycheck, its amount and how long you’ll continue to receive said paycheck.

What’s the leading problem in relationships? MONEY! Every marriage has gone through its share of disputes over spending versus saving.

Money permeates just about every aspect of your life.

Let’s focus on building a healthier connection with this unavoidable aspect of life.

It’s Possible to be Free from Financial Stress in 2019!

I want you to be able to reflect on December 31, 2019, and recall a dramatic reduction in your anxiety and stress pertaining to money. (Personally, I also want to run a half marathon. I’ve come close to running 13.1 miles in a clip and this is the year that I’m gonna to go for it!)

Listen, there’s always going to be market volatility, unexpected expenses and deals that fall through, but this year you can decide that you won’t allow those things to rattle or shake you.

The stress we (myself included) attach to each of those things negatively impacts our health, lives and relationships. Instead of repressing the stress, I’ve found that exercising, purposeful time with my family, meditation, establishing work/life boundaries and talking with an executive coach counterbalances my stress.


One of the most practical things you can do to deal with stress is to make a plan.

Here’s How To Plan To Be Stress Free in 2019

If you have a low-grade pit of stress sitting in your gut— you know the kind— you can’t bear hearing market news or you say a little prayer that your bumper’s still attached to your car after driving over a severe pothole because you don’t have the cash for a repair, I’m here to rescue you.

The key is your plan.

You can’t just will yourself to get in better shape. You need to work out, diet, rest, hydrate, and other things I’ve heard rumors about… I’ve got a lot to learn before I run my half marathon.

To remedy financial stress and better relate to your money, you need a strong financial plan.

With a plan, you’ll have a spark of hope. You’ll look forward to the future because you have a confident direction that can’t be shaken by momentary unexpected events.

think about your goals for the year

What do you want to see accomplished this year? And is it rooted in how you use your money? If it is, when the unexpected happens you will experience stress unless your plan is built to handle life.

Happy 2019! I deeply hope it is your best year and you resolve to be more “healthy” in your approach to your personal finances.


How do you blow off steam when you encounter stress?


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