The Market Is Down at Christmas | Why It Can Be A Gift


So the stock market isn’t bringing you the returns you were hoping for? It’s time you look at your level of risk and use this season as a gift.




It’s a great time of year, it’s an expensive time of year, and the stock market certainly isn’t helping.

the stock market has been dropping like these December temperatures — but, it’s not all bad news

Old Man Winter arrived this month and brought with him a surprise we didn’t need or want: chilly temperatures and an icy stock market.

The Dow and S&P are both rounding out the year on a negative note. Compared the explosive growth of yesteryear, this year’s growth could be considered mediocre at best.

It’s easy to feel defeated because you might not have seen the gains you were hoping for, but it’s ok! Draw on some of the contagious holiday cheer in the air and consider the glass half full because we’re not seeing massive drops which makes now the perfect time to reevaluate your financial approach.

If God could gift wrap you a time to look at your risk it's now. How many times have we been reminded this year that the market could drop? Friends, now is the time. Give yourself this gift.


all i want for Christmas is you…to be financially confident

Put yourself at the top of your shopping list and give yourself the benefit of an honest analysis of your risk in the market.

Let’s not pretend for a moment that a market risk analysis is on par with a luxury SUV that’s wrapped in a red ribbon parked in the driveway, but it’s truly the best gift you can gift yourself and your loved ones.

There are two parts to risk analysis: 1) How you feel about risk and 2) How your plan is built for risk.

We may be one of the only financial firms in the country who thinks about risk this way. We’ve learned that evaluating your approach to risk is so much more than a questionnaire to take in an air conditioned office.

#1 we want to Understand how YOU feel about risk

Are you the person who likes to leave for the airport at least three hours in advance of boarding, OR do you get a thrill slipping right by the flight attendant as they’re shutting the cabin door?

When it comes to planning for your future, honestly assess where you are and where you want to be. We know that the market’s capable of going in two disparate directions and that’s about it, so take a good hard look at yourself and understand if your plan designed to bend, flex and pivot with the market’s volatility.

#2 we want to Understand how YOUR PLAN is built for risk  

Take your risk level, measure it against scientific risk data and VOILA— that’s your risk assessment in black and white and we can match your financial composition to an appropriate level based on you. Where are you on your financial journey? How risk tolerant should your financial plan be?

how do you even begin evaluating your risk?

If you’re confused about evaluating the risk of your plan, it’s what we do. We can help actually assess your feelings about risk and then look at your financial composition to be sure it matches where you want to be.


Financial confidence isn’t found on Amazon.


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