The Risk Isn’t Worth the Reward (Especially If Retirement Is Close)


Investing has nothing to do with luck or impulse and everything to do with rational decisions. Don’t confuse the two. When it comes to retirement planning, don’t take your retirement dollars to Las Vegas.




There’s room for bluffing at the poker table, but don’t gamble with your retirement dollars.

This might be hard for you to believe, but I have a slight penchant for gambling. Growing up this, of course, horrified my pious parents, but I promise that my bets were small time and I wasn’t running a poker ring for high rollers. It’s a love I developed in adolescence that I haven’t grown out of because I still love getting together with friends to try my hand with lady luck.

But gambling isn’t a strategy that fits with your investing. There’s a reason why the house always wins. You need a plan more than a feeling.


Don’t let a taste of a hot market cloud your judgment

INNER MONOLOGUE WHILE FINANCIAL PLANNING: “Hey, the market’s really doing well. I’m going to lean in more!”

INNER MONOLOGUE WHILE AT THE POKER TABLE: “Hey, I’m a hot streak. Let’s keep this going!”

but every hot streak cools off.

I can’t explain it, but it’s a universal fact. You’re never hot for long and careful you don’t fly too close to the sun. Especially when you’re nearing retirement age, the risky bets never end well.

Don’t base your investment strategy on the market or the headlines, base it on you.

It’s likely that everyone’s in your ear advising you to be low-risk heading into retirement. You’re smarter than the average investor (and maybe you have a gambler’s spirit) so you try to outfox the market! You see the writing on the wall and you know that all the low-risk stuff like CDs, money markets and bonds are paying out pennies.

You’re going throw caution to the wind and invest heavily in stocks even though you KNOW you should be more conservative.

What’s the harm in maintaining the same level of risk that’s been working for you for the last ten years?


the risk isn’t worth the reward. i promise you.

I’m not talking about the dollar amount in your account.

I’m talking about living out your dream [insert dream of owning a house on the water; traveling; or planting that enviable vegetable garden] is more important than you trying to make a couple of bucks pushing your luck in the stock market.

Without being overly dramatic, pushing your luck against the market can end in disaster. What if you’re within one or two years of retiring and the market suddenly tanks? You’ve lost a sizable chunk of your portfolio and all those dreams are now deferred.

We at Dynamic Money (Meet our team and click our faces if you want.) want to ensure that your investment plan is the perfect blend of personal risk and financial risk. If you’ve never gone through that process before or you don’t know where to start, that’s what we’re here for.  

How you feel about risk is subjective.

How your plan feels about risk is an OBJECTIVELY and mathematically rooted answer.


Are you better at making a poker face or reading someone’s tell?


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