When Bigger Isn't Better & Our Approach to Customer Care


Big companies can sometimes…well… suck. You should never have to accept terrible personal care for some added value. Fight to find companies who offer both a concern for your well-being AND a high-quality product.




Everyone Has Their Big Company Customer Service Story…

Take one of my client’s experiences for example.

I can never forget this….

My client’s husband was having unexpected medical issues, and was essentially in a coma.

My client needed immediate help with establishing power of attorney in order to pay her bills. She called for help, and waited on hold for hours, after a while of figuring out all we needed was to send a document via fax to her bank, we called the bank with our follow up questions:

Would we get a confirmation of receipt?

How would we know if its been processed?

The Major Bank’s Answer: just call back (aka. sit on the phone for another hour + to get ahold of someone who may or may not know who we’re talking about and what the heck we’re talking about).

AKA: They didn’t give a rip about my client! Her actual well-being was of no concern to them. There was no one there to advocate for her needs when she needed it most.

P.S. For this specific example, I often advise clients to take advantage of competition and don’t settle for big banks for your business when you don’t have to! Online banks, local banks, and community credit unions are often great options for offering a high quality, personalized service.

We’ve talked about this type of experience before, remember? Three Reasons to Re-Think Your Relationship With Your BIG Bank

Her actual well-being was of no concern to them. There was no one there to advocate for her needs when she needed it most.


So, How do you bridge the tension between big company strengths and complete lack of personal concern and care?

Impersonal service happens mostly with big business who are more focused on the quantity over quality and you get completely lost in the mix of a client database. But friends, you don’t always have to settle for a high quality service/product who provides terrible customer service, and vice versa.

We have to bridge the tension between the abilities of large companies and the lack of personal concern and care.

My biggest advice: SHOP! SHOP! SHOP!

Take advantage of the competition.

Talking to a variety of options can help you evaluate where you are truly getting the best value and what sacrifices you’re willing to make.

With the vast availability of technology these days, smaller companies are able to offer the high-quality technology and compete with these bigger companies all while offering a personalized concern for your well-being.

What matters most to you? And, it won’t be an answer that is the same for every need. You may want to know the name of the person who cuts your hair, but don’t need to know your banker. I personally love that my banker knows me by name but don’t mind Great Clips for my monthly maintenance. You may want to text your hairdresser. And that’s okay.

There are important industries where being known matters and we believe financial planning is one of them.

Shop around for who you will pay your hard-earned money and don’t be afraid to ask hard questions to companies before you give them your business.

Our Job Is Directly Focused on YOU & Your Dreams


You deserve to be treated like a human and not just an account number with everyone you work with — and especially in personal finance.

Dynamic Money exists to equip those who desire to identify and reach their dreams through affordable fee-based planning. Our first meeting is focused on hearing your dreams, asking you questions, explaining our approach and learning if we’re a good fit for your financial planning.

Fun, important, and awesome side note: We invested in some of the best financial predictive software and tools so that our clients never lack any intelligence or technology by choosing a boutique planning firm that knows both their name and their coffee order.

We wanted to disrupt the industry a little. And we’re happy to bring big company strengths with local company care.


Dynamic Money combines top-of-the-game financial software with highly-personal care to give our clients amazing financial planning focused on their unique needs.


When is the last time you felt really “known?”


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